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Universal CPD Module 3

Classroom Ethos
Motivation and Engagement

This module explores the way in which languages teachers create safe and stimulating learning environments which inspire, motivate and challenge all learners; classrooms where every learner has a strong sense of belonging. 

As the MFLPR 2016 says in its first Key Recommendation: “Whatever their level of achievement, the vast majority of young people should study a modern foreign language up to the age of 16 and take a GCSE in it.  We know that pupils understand the value of studying a MFL but are put off due to a lack of enjoyment of the subject” (MFLPR 2.6).

We seek to address this issue by exploring motivational theory. Throughout the module, you will learn more about best practice in the use of the target language, securing progress for all learners to ensure that every individual fulfils their potential, including pupils with SEND.

As NCLE states in their principles: Every learner a language learner! 

“Students will learn better and more efficiently and effectively, if they are fully engaged in the classroom activities, in the learning process.”

Professor Li Wei, 2023

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