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Universal CPD

About Universal CPD

The NCLE is committed to strengthening practice through system leadership in languages across England to improve the learning opportunities and outcomes for all pupils. We aim to raise the number of pupils achieving EBacc, to close the attainment gap and leverage the full potential of languages spoken in addition to English by one in every five of our pupils. Our high quality, research-informed, evidence-based professional development is designed to support you in that mission. 

The NCLE ethos is based upon collaboration, creativity and collegiality. To build capacity in languages across the regions, we have listened to teachers and pupils to develop our universal CPD to meet the needs of all our teachers, taking account of their range of contexts and the needs of their pupils.

High quality CPD and a robust examination of best practice will bring about constructive change. In addition to the priority given to the recommendations of the MFLPR2016, our work is informed by three principles from Confucian philosophies of teaching and learning: 

  • Vary the way you teach according to the person you teach.
  • Teach in a way that best suits the ability of the learner.
  • Teach in a way that makes the best use of the circumstances/context/material available (Li Wei, Languages Today 39, 2021).

“Learning a language has never been more important for us as a country and it continues to be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things it’s possible to do in our lives”

Sir Ian Bauckham, 2023

Universal CPD modules

Principled Practice
Module 1

Learning from What Works & Evidence-Based Pedagogy for Language Teachers

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Languages Leadership
Module 2

Languages Leadership and Developing Communities of Practice

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Classroom Ethos
Module 3

Motivation and Engagement

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Planning for Success 1
Module 4

The Three Pillars: Phonics, Vocabulary and Grammar

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Planning for Success 2
Module 5

Curriculum Design and Development

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Planning for Success 3
Module 6

The Intercultural Dimension 

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Effective Transitions
Module 7

Transitions and Transfer: KS2 into KS3

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Teaching for Success 1
Module 8

Effective Approaches to Teaching the Three Pillars: Phonics, Vocabulary and Grammar

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Teaching for Success 2
Module 9

Effective Approaches to Integrating the Four Skills

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Assessing for Success
Module 10

Assessment for and of Learning (AfL) and (AoL) and the new GCSE

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NCELP Resources
Resources index

Access to the repository of the NCELP resources

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