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Universal CPD Module 1

Principled Practice
Learning from What Works & Evidence-Based Pedagogy for Language Teachers

This module puts forward evidence-based recommendations for effective pedagogy in the teaching of modern languages based on the MFL Pedagogy Review 2016 and the Ofsted Curriculum Research Review of Languages 2021. 

Building on research about how children learn most effectively you will explore how to apply ‘best bets’ from cognitive science to the languages classroom. 

You will consider how to develop deep knowledge in the new language with a focus on the foundational pillars of phonics, vocabulary and grammar while taking into account cognitive load theory, the role of prior learning, scaffolding and the spiral curriculum (Bruner, 1960), and the interdependence of careful sequencing, spaced practice and retrieval with appropriate levels of challenge and opportunities for pupils to apply and use the new languages with increasing independence.

You will deepen your understanding of subject knowledge with reference to the Shulman (1987) Taxonomy. 

“… it’s about what we teach… and how we teach… giving us the best bets for what is most effective to be teaching children and young people.”

Sir Ian Bauckham, 2023

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