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Universal CPD Module 4

Planning for Success 1
The Three Pillars: Phonics, Vocabulary and Grammar

This module focusses on the three foundational pillars of language learning: Phonics, Vocabulary and Grammar. As learners encounter a new language it is crucial to build their confidence in listening, speaking, reading and writing in an integrated programme of study. 

We will explore ways to integrate phonics teaching into your lessons and how to familiarise learners with how sounds are represented in the written language. Systematic and regular practice and use of phonics in meaningful contexts using high frequency vocabulary will enable learners to fix these in long-term memory, enabling them to decode and encode the new language, improving their pronunciation and their ability to communicate in all four skills, becoming increasingly independent.

The module will provide guidance on how to develop meaning-driven grammar and illustrate how well spaced and sequenced teaching of grammar in context will improve motivation and learner self-efficacy.

“The language structures can themselves be made into really exciting content for problem solving by properly and systematically sequencing it, by turning it into powerful knowledge.”

Professor Li Wei, 2023

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